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                      What is Techtalktricks  ?                

Techtalktricks is a technology blog which deals with Articles based on real life technology problems that a common man faces daily while using the techology.

To give an Image of what we are, let me take the example of my top post "Using Game cache in Android ". In this article I wrote about the Game cache and how to use it in Android because I thought that everyone who is using an Android device may have come across using the game cache for different games. So I mainly focus on the problems that is faced by us and I hope that my readers like the articles I post here on Techtalktricks.

                        How this all started  ?                    

You will not believe me if I say this blog was just a way to compete my friend's blog. Yes it's true I started Tekntricks [Previous name of Techtalktricks] to compete one of my friend and Tekntricks was just a way to prove that I can get more traffic than him. I started Tekntricks on blogger in March 2013, time passed and I realized that the readers have developed a faith in me they want Tekntricks to post more and by this time I crossed my friend's blog but that was too late to quit, I moved forward on Tekntricks, I started posting more articles and the readers loved it, meanwhile I just doubled my page views ( 2 X my friends's pageviews )

The only reason I post here is that readers like to read the article.
After all this I shifted on .com domain and changed my blog title and address from Tekntricks to Techtalktricks in Nov 2013

Techtalktricks is lot more than I thought in the beginning of the journey and now I have 4 time more page views than my friend's blog .There is no comparison now...........

                        What do we want ?                        

I don't know that to address Techtalktricks by using 'we' is correct because here on Techtalktricks I am the only one to do everything.

I mean as Administrator, developer, writer, moderator, promoter etc etc but I take my readers as a part of Techtalktricks and that's why I say we to address the Blog .
 Actually on Techtalktricks we don't want anything because this was not started to earn money, fame or anything like that . So I request my readers to keep reading my blog and suggest how Techtalktricks can help you more..

If you want to become a part of techtalktricks check "Write For Us" page .

Thanks for Visiting, keep reading Techtalktricks..

For any Query contact me:-  sri.vkrnt[at]live[dot]co[dot]uk 


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