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Monday, September 30, 2013

Which one is better Android or Symbian


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Hello Friends . I am going to post something after a very long time .

Today I am posting out of my Genre . I am going to tell you that "Which one is better, Android or Symbian"
I am focusing on large domains as tested by me ..

so, Here goes ..

An operating system is something that connects the user with the hardware .So, a user need a good OS for doing so , The operating system should be user friendly so that any user can easily connect to the hardware .

I think Android is better  than Symbian , this is my opinion and I am going to prove this in all aspects so keep reading . ...  :)
 If I talk about Microsoft OS for mobiles i.e Windows 8 OS , this one is really complicated.. The complicated METRO UI ..
so I am leaving Windows 8 OS aside, because there is no comparison between  Android and 8 ..


Really a heart winning OS ..

I must start with the boot time, It mainly depends upon the hardware but specifically If we take an example both take the same time to boot ..

UI - User Interface, The best user interface that any OS has till now, It is really very easy (friendly) that even a 6 year child can use it easily :D, Highly customisable , Everything can be customised ./

Apps- A large app market , Almost every thing that a man can think off can be done using the apps in the app store , It has very very large database of apps,  I don't think that I need to elaborate about the apps , everyone knows about the no of apps that are available for android .

Requirements- Yes, Android requires a good phone hardware configuration to run but it's worthy because of it's user interface and One click access to almost everything

Battery- I have heard many talking about bad battery performance of Android and saying that the battery drains due to the non essentia services running in the background. Android runs everything simultaneously in background (Your Facebook, Your Email and many one  ) and that's why battery is used more .You get your facebook, Email at just one click at almost 0 lag (depending on network connection), So I don't think that Android runs non essential things in the background.

Customisable - The Android is a OPEN SOURCE project so anyone can customise/develop/arrange the entire OS for his/her use , But the phone hardware should support the customise OS ..
  (Phone hardware support here means the ability of the hardware to run the OS on it)

I will rate Android 4.5 out of 5


The boot time,  I have discussed above that both Android and Symbian have almost same boot time if checked on same hardware configuration

UI- A normal one , Symbian don't come with very attractive user interface like android , It just serves the need of User Interface

Apps- Very Small database of apps as compared to Android , Limited apps can be run into the Symbian operating system

Requirements- Requires average configuration of hardware . Can run on a slower device too

Battery- Less services in the background , Giving better battery backup but not very useful because a user wants instant access to services that are not provided by the Symbian OS

Customisable- Very less customisation options, more chance of failure during OS Changing , Very hard to recover if goes dead while installing the custom firmware

I will rate Symbian 2 out of 5

The think may differ from person to person but the final result will be same. ..

I you have any problem comment below you can also send your problem using contact us page I will be happy to help you ..
Give your opinion about this topic by commenting below ... .:)

Thanks for Reading and keep reading 


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