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Friday, August 09, 2013

Using Android on PC :: ANDROID x86


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Today I am going to tell you how to use Android OS on your PC ...
For this purpose you need to download Android x86 (ISO) and Virtual Box for your PC ... .

First question that comes in mind "What is Android x86?" and this is followed by "What will be the size of it?" and after that "How will I do it ?"

Reading this post will tell you the answers of the questions that came in your mind so don't worry about it just read the post and I am always here to help you . Feel free to questions I will be happy to help you.. 

What is Android x86 ?
This is a project that allows the you to use Android x86 many changes are made by the developers in the code of Android to serve it for computers ... Yes that's all what Android x86/...

Though people use Blue-stacks like apps to get fell on android apps on pc but an OS will give a different touch..You can do anything what you do in your android phone or tablet ...
  • You can play games
  • You can use play store
  • You can view photos and play music and videos
  • You can connect to WiFi 
  • You can surf the internet
and many more ... so give it a try

Size:- What I have tested was of 199MB ... (Android 4.3)
(Just google it and download )//....

In this post I am focusing on using it in virtual box ... Because I don't think that anyone is going to use Android x86 as main OS of computer ...If you want you can do that too...
But I will be discussing it for the Virtual Box as Virtual Machine ....

So download the latest Virtualbox if you don't have one .. (It's a freeware)
Install it and follow the instructions ..


  • Click on New in Virtual Box
  • Type name Android x86 (It doesn't matter)
  • Type Linux and version Linux 2.6
  • Select the RAM for your virtual OS 
  • After that in the next window ,select create a virtual hard drive now and click on create .. 
  • In the next menu select VDI
  • Then either Dynamically allocated or fixed size
  • Now select drive space and finish it 
That was bit simple so I have not shared the screenshots of the above steps but I will be sharing the screenshots for steps that are below .. (You just need to follow the dialogue box for the above steps)
  • Now Click on start in Virtual BOX menu
  • Select the ISO image and click start

  • Select the 4th option "Installation- Install Android-x86 to harddisk"
  • Now click on Create/Modify Partitions
  • Move to New and press enter
  • Click on primary . press enter
  • Then select size and then Bootable
  • Then Move to write and press enter
  • Type yes,press enter and wait for it to complete
  • Now click on quit

  • Select sda1 ( 1-st option) and click ok
  • In the next menu select ext3
  • Follow the dialogue boxes then (keep selecting yes)

  • Click Run Android x86
  • That's it you have completed ... 
  • Follow the Android Installation process.. You can do it on your own because it's very easy

Thanks for reading this article ..
                Windows 8 in Virtual BOX

I you have any problem comment below you can also send your problem using contact us page I will be happy to help you ..

Tekntricks will not be responsible for any harm caused to your computer while doing this . :P

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  1. there is no " My Files " in android menu....why ?? And how to install app & games in android x86 ???

    1. See If you want you can download and install using the app store inside the android X86 .. But If you want to use files (apk) from your computer to android x86 there is a problem that virtual box has this option but somehow that's not working .. If you want then you can also try to get access to the files ...


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