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Friday, August 02, 2013

How to Rest or Refresh your PC : Windows 8


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Hello Readers ... Today I am going to talk about the two really nice features of Windows 8 namely Refresh PC and Reset PC ....

All windows users love to play games, install new apps , download things and test many softwares, some of us like to test customisation packs, Themes to change windows look and feel..
When we do all this with our windows we get many problems as system becomes slow, low performance we start facing random errors because the themes and customisation packs have to do a lot with windows system files to change its look and feel...Some times simple removing of malicious program (Themes, Customisation packs, any Customisation software) but sometimes we have to reinstall windows (The last option to get rid of the errors , if nothing works it will work) then we have to arrange for installation media (i.e Windows Installation Disk) ..
But if you have the new windows OS i.e Windows 8 then you don't need to search for the Installation disk because windows 8 comes with two inbuilt features Refresh PC and Reset PC
 They are same as the Restore factory settings options that you get in mobile phones..

In today's tutorial I am focusing on what are the features and how to perform them...

Refresh PC :-
If you use this feature then

  • Windows will save your personal files, personalisation settings, and apps that you installed from the Windows Store
  • Windows will reset all PC settings.
  • Windows will remove all those program that you have installed .A list of removed programs will be generated on the desktop

You can use this feature if your apps are crashing ... 
so it's like installing windows from scratch .. 

  • For this move your cursor to the charms bar or Press Windows+C 
  • Click on settings
  • Select 'Change PC Settings'
  • Move to General tab 
  • Select "Refresh PC without affecting your files"
  • And then follow the dialogue-box
  • That's all ... 

Reset PC
This is very powerful option ... 

This will remove everything and reinstall windows ..... Nothing will be kept .. It will be like a clean install ....
Use this option with great care.. Backup important things .. 

Rest PC option deletes everything from your computer including personal documents, setting and all apps.It from the hard drive partition and then reinstalls fresh copy of windows to your PC .Once you use this feature, you will get an absolute new fresh windows as you got it when your purchased your computer or if you have installed windows 8 for the first time . . .. 

  • For this open charms bar (Windows+C)
  • Click on settings
  • Select "Change PC settings"
  • Move to General tab
  • Click on "Remove everything and install windows"
  • Now follow the dialogue-box
  • That's all

Note:- If you get error that "Some files are missing.Your windows installation or recovery media will provide these files"

Follow the steps 
  • Create a new folder named "OSMEDIA" in C:/ drive
  • copy your install.wim file there
  • Then open command prompt (elevated) and write
    reagentc.exe /setosimage /path C:\OSMEDIA /target c:\Windows /Index 1"
  • press Enter 
  • That's all .. Now you can use the reset and refresh feature without any error....
Thanks for reading .. If you have any problem comment below and you can also send us your problem privately by using contact us page...

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