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Monday, June 03, 2013

Microsoft Toolkit


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Today I am going to Share a Microsoft Tool kit ... Firstly I want to tell you that this one is fantastic and you are going to love, it because it supports the Activation of

1- Microsoft Office 2010
2- Microsoft Office 2013
3- Windows Vista
4- Windows Server 2008
5- Windows 7 ( All versions )
6- Windows 8 (All versions ) - Tested by me on Windows 8 Pro build 9200
7- Windows Server 2012
   and many more

For activation Just open the Tool Kit
Click on image of Office / Windows (Whatever you want to activate) at the bottom in the right corner

If you select office you will get 

Select your version 2010/2013 go to Activation tab install AutoKMS and click on EZ-Activator
now you can check your activation by clicking on Check button

If you select Windows

in above pic you can see there are different options available select your operating system and activate

For example in Windows 8 you can see that it can activate all Editions of Windows 8

Now when you click on activate (I am activating my Windows 8 Pro)

That's all... You can see my Windows 8 pro is activated for 180 days
don't worry you can activate it again any time you want........

For proof:-

Download link (Size 36MB ) :- Click me 

I have shared the screenshots so that you can easily get what should be done in order to activate your windows version. . . . . . . . .

Note:- This is for educational Purpose only......
If you have any problem regarding the activation you can comment below and you can also use contact form to send your problem .... .. . . .. . .
Thanks for reading..


  1. Thanks a lot it saved me because my windows original recovery key got corrupted and there was no setups files were present to reinstall

    1. Yes ,...... This tool is really great..... . .


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