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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dual Booting : Windows 8 and Windows 7 alongside


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Today I am going to tell you How to Dual Boot your PC
I am focusing on Windows 7 and Windows 8 along side... but this works for every version so give it a try....

What is Dual Booting ?
Yes it's perfectly same what you get from its name ... Dual Booting is to Boot your PC with Multiple OS (No not simultaneously but separately) by this you can install Windows 7 along side with Windows 8 in your Personal Computer (PC)

Why should you Dual Boot ?
It's really a great thing ,by this you can fight many compatibility problems like You want to play GTA 4 or anything that is not going to support your OS (Windows 7 or 8) but it's compatible with another OS . So be ready if you have Windows 7 and Windows 8 installed ,you can play your game on an OS and at any instance you can use the other one....... Because it's sure for a game your are not going to change your OS..
So, Here is the Solution Try it !!!

It will affect the Performance of my PC , Will it ?
No.. Not a single bit at all..... Because you are going to use one OS at a Time ,and the performance depends upon the Processor and RAM .
Ya your OS can affect the performance it's like you are installing Windows 8 on a Dual Core PC and with 1 GB RAM , it may work slow but it's not by Dual Booting , if you use only one OS (Windows 8) you will get the Same performance....

I am a newbie and it's going to be tough for me to Dual boot , Is it?
I don't think so .. What I think is if you can start a computer you can do anything with it .You may get errors if you are doing for the first time but we learn from the errors ..
It's Really easy ,what you have to do is you have to install an OS in a different partition and that's it..
So you should give it a try .. :)

I am sure that after reading all written above you are going to Give Dual Booting a Try

So now I will tell you How to do so ????

Hmm for an other OS you will need a Partition so firstly create a Partition ..Or let me start from the beginning

You have Windows 7 installed on Your PC .. You want to Install Windows 8 alongside.. Ok

Now create a partition for example name it Windows 8 with any Drive letter
(You can create partition using any partition manager ..but I refer EaseUs partition manager)

After this  mount your Windows 8 ISO . Run Setup.exe

move toward the partitions selection menu
and here select Windows 8 partition that we have created in the start
Now after that, begin the installation progress...

That's all .. you have dual booted
Isn't it easy.. :)

Now how to Shift between different OS?


click on use another operating system
Option 2 

In command prompt type
Shutdown.exe /r /o
Option 3

Open the Charms Bar and click on restart button under power option with shift button pressed ....


Note:- This is for educational purpose only ... :P
Thanks for reading....

If you have any problems, you can comment and you can also use contact us page to send me your query privately.. .... :) I will be happy to help you .


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