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Monday, April 29, 2013

Joikuspot connection not visible to Android


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Hello Friends I am going to post a new article after very long interval because of my busy schedule....... Today my article is about a problem of Joikuspot with Android I also faced the problem that's why I am posting this here....... I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3110, that is a tablet with no SIM slot but WiFi connectivity , it works on Android Jelly Beans V 4.1.2 .... Really great version I am coming to the problem directly without wasting time, The problem will be clear as you see the post of the title "Joikuspot connection not visible to Android"

I made my Nokia 603 (Symbian ^3) as hotspot using Joikuspot (This is an app used to convert a Symbian mobile phone into WiFi hotspot) but when I searched for WiFi networks I found nothing ... Yes when we use our Symbian mobile phone as hotspot using Joikuspot we can't use this in Android some though some versions support this but ICS and Jelly Beans don't recognise it....

Actually the problem is with the type of connection created by Joikuspot, it creates an ad-hoc connection which is not recognized by many Android devices that run  ICS and Jelly Beans (Tested), I googled this very much but not found any solution yet I will share the solution as soon as possible

Firstly I rooted my Tab using Super user SU and successfully got it rooted then,
I tried to replace the Wpa_Supplicant using root explorer and terminal emulator and used the below command

mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf

and also used the adb shell on my pc to solve this error by uisng Android USB cable Debugging mode...
I also tried WiFi enabler, Ad-hoc Enabler, WiFi tether and many  other apps to Enable Ad-hoc in my Tab but nothing worked, in fact while doing all this my WiFi got permanently disabled.......

so, please don't try to do this with your Tab if you have the same problem wait for the Android developers to Enable this feature with WiFi direct...

Hm..... and if you have the solution of this problem you can comment below or use contact us form to tell the solution globally.........

Thank you  for reading my article...
Note:- This is for educational purpose only


  1. Simply return the original file (wpa_supplicant)that the wifi will work again.

    1. Actually while trying too many solutions ... my SUPER SU stopped working ..... and so I am unable to replace Wpa_supplicant

  2. I' m very displause about this bad trick :(. I think that you rescalation root following precise step.
    Second step and to replace wpa supplicant tha you have good idea make a copy on another folder.
    Reboot your device and cross the finger ;)

  3. please help me to root my lava etab xtron+ rk3066 chipset jb4.2.2

    1. Hello Anandhu , I am sending you the details on your Email for rooting your Lava ETAB xtron+

  4. please help me with tutorial on how to root my HTC Magic, V2.2.1, vodafone. And also, how to upgrade to latest version.


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