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Monday, March 11, 2013

Windows 8 in VirtualBox


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Today I am going to tell you how to use Windows 8 in Virtual Box.
If you want to test windows 8 this is the best way to do so.......

You will need Virtual Box for this procedure.

Virtual Box .. What is Virtualbox ?
It's  a software that helps to create Virtual Machine to run an operating system with other (Simultaneously).......
It's easy to use because it's UI based ... It supports both x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) architecture and you can download it from the official site because it's a free ware developed by ORACLE
You can configure it according to your system hardware so that you don't face any problem in running virtual machine . It supports many Guest OS almost all (Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, Windows XP, Windows 7,Windows Vista Windows 8 etc)
After installation open virtual box....
  • Click on new

   Type name for your Virtual machine
   select type - Microsoft Windows
    version- windows 8

  • After this you will see the prompt for the allocation of Memory size for your virtual machine select according to your system requirements(I have selected 1GB because my system's RAM is 2 GB )
  • Now click on create a virtual hard drive now and press next
  • select VDI in the next menu 
  • In next menu you can select both dynamically allotted or Fixed size as you will see in the menu it's written that fixed size is faster so select fixed size
  • select the size and click create
  • It will take about 5-6 minutes to complete this process.

After completion the windows will close..

Go to Virtual Box select windows 8 and click on start it will ask for start up/Host drive .....
Browse you Windows 8 ISO image to it and go on
That's it now now you will see windows 8 boot screen

after booting , You will see Windows set-up window

Fill the details and click on Next select your version from the menu and proceed for installation

Now after installation your virtual machine has to restart but it may go not responding so don't get panic just kill the virtual box from task manager and reopen it ....
You are all done now windows will finalise your installation

The installation is now completed now just use windows 8  on your virtual machine

Note-You may get this error while doing the procedure 

This error may come when you try to run the virtual machine with many apps on your existing os
just close all the other apps except Virtual Box after the installation you can use them simultaneously but till the installation run only Virtual Box

Also see :- Using Android on PC using VirtualBox

Note:- This is for educational purpose only

Thanks for reading ...

If you have any problem comment here and you can also use the contact us page to send us your query privately.... We will be happy to help you ...  :P 


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